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Charity Marie | Editor-in-Chief | Writers Roundtable MagazineCharity Marie Starrett, Editor-in-Chief/Founder

Charity is an award-winning author of children’s literature and nonfiction with nearly 30 years of experience. She is a lifelong passionate advocate of writing. She loves to help other writers and see them succeed, which prompted her to start a magazine (after her husband’s encouragement, of course).

Previously published in Coldwell Banker, iPhone Life, Moxie Lady, American Genius magazine, Duck Soup Magazine, She Speaks Anthology, Drastic Measures Anthology, and many more. She is the winner of Biopage’s 2019 Best Essay contest for her nonfiction essay, “Stop the World.” You can find her work at

Charity is originally from Florida but relocated to Texas in 2010. She lives with her dogs Rory and Max, a teenage son, and her husband Robert. When she’s not busy with the magazine, writing, managing five small businesses, cooking, and taking care of the household, you can find her at a poker table. She has been a professional poker player for more than 23 years. She is also a Certified Paralegal and licensed Realtor.


Robert Starrett, Editor/Co-founder

Robert is a writer, editor, over-the-road truck driver, and trainer. He reviews submissions and provides support to the magazine in every way, including financially.